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Friday, May 4, 2018

Kerala Lottery 04.05.2018: Nirmal NR-67 Lottery Results Official PDF

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 04.05.2018 Friday Kerala Lottery

Nirmal Lottery Result NR.67 Official PDF

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Nirmal NR-67 Lottery Results Official PDF

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Kerala Lottery 04.05.2018 Nirmal NR-67 Lottery Results Official PDF

Kerala Lottery 04.05.2018 Nirmal NR-67 Lottery Results Official PDF

Nirmal Lottery Prize Structure

NB: These Kerala lottery result LIVE RESULT is not official. Just for informational purpose.
Some Numbers may be missing. Please verify the official result as it is released.
“Nirmal"-LIVE Lottery Result
“The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days”
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Kerala Lottery Results Draw Held On 04/05/2018 At Sree Chithra Home Auditorium,
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